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Title: The Balance
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Artist: mickrip
Genre: Soundtrack/Game: Demostyle
Reviewed by: K-Lyd on July 31, 2007 (All reviews by K-Lyd)



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1Overall Description
WoW !!! I liked this track, its layed out well and as it says on the tin.. does have a catchy melody :D composition is great and has a remarkable style that is very inpressive! its like it wants to be a chip tune that bursts out of its mould. 5/5 rating from me, very creative and well produced.
Aug 31 2007 9:27 am
by Coruz

Wicked liking the stlye reminds me a lot a classic games, not sure if thats the intension but then music has a way of grabbing you in its own unique way love it. ^^