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Title: Demon or God
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Artist: Cthulhian
Genre: Alternative/Punk: Metal
Reviewed by: Ceekayed on August 02, 2007 (All reviews by Ceekayed)

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1Overall Description
An energetic blackmetal track by Cthulhu with Buried's vocals. I've always been a fan of Cthulhu's great guitar arrangements, and this piece doesn't let me down. However, there are so many technical flaws here that the good melodical ideas can save only so much.
2Creativity Description
3Artistic License Description
Well, the song is fully tracked, and it can be heard. The guitars are tracked well, but still they sound damn artificial at times. The drums however, are great, which I think, is because they're buried so deep in the mix that you cannot here the flaws so well. It works here very well.
4Arrangement Description
The transitions are well done, though I was wishing for a break (a complete silence) before the last chorus. I think it'd have worked very well.
I was confused about the panned vocals at the start of the song; it really shocks when you hear it the first time. Doesn't bother after second listen though. And as I said earlier, the drums are hidden beneath the mix, but as also said, it works.
The mixing of the vocals disturbs me the most; they're buried (pardon the pun) into the mix so that it takes away alot from the aggression and energy of the song. Plain mono vocals don't really work, and Buried's voice would really work with a wide stereo separation - That voice really needs to surround the listener to get the full effect. Also I feel at times that the guitars are way too front (mainly when they start sounding artificial).
5Sound Quality Description
No problems here; very well balanced sound overall and everything is tuned properly.
6Vocals Description
Well, the vocals itself are awesome, but as said, too bad they're buried (pardon the pun) into the mix.
7Does it work as a piece of music Description
Yes sir, it works as it is but the mix would really need some changes to make it a real jewel.
Aug 03 2007 5:31 pm
by Cthulhian

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