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Title: Module Sixteen
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Artist: roncli
Genre: Classical/New Age: New Age
Reviewed by: Nukkels on August 03, 2007 (All reviews by Nukkels)

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1Overall Description
The tracked version and the mp3 aren't all that different musically - they're both excellent. The quality and production is much better in the remix as you'd expect, though. Plenty of variety within the general style and it's almost instantly recognisable as The Nightstalker at his artistic best.
2Arrangement Description
The hammered dulcimer in the break around the 2 min mark was a little off-putting, since it didn't sound like it fit so well, and the ending was perhaps a bit sudden, but apart from that, everything was beautifully arranged. The main melody stayed the same, but kept changing slightly as it went, which is always good.
3Sound Quality Description
The combination of the different instruments used in this piece was a stroke of genius. It's hard to describe, but it sounds a bit like medieval synthpop with an awesome beat (and throw in a piano solo for good measure). The combination of instruments and they way they're layered so smoothly creates such a unique sound!
I strongly suggest downloading both versions since they're quite different in regard to sound quality/samples chosen. Personally I think I prefer the module version, but that's mainly because I enjoy a classic synth...

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