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Title: Bumsdehue
Artist: Max_Gooroo
Genre: Electronica: Other
Reviewed by: TwiTerror on August 06, 2007 (All reviews by TwiTerror)

Review Feedback: 

Max_Gooroo gave TwiTerror neutral feedback for this review.
TwiTerror responded: Hey, why exactly did you mark this "neutral." The review is in depth and I described all issues. :/



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1Overall Description
This track sounds like a good idea that lost inspiration. The beginning is interesting, in its own right, but then things simply get repetitive and focus seems to slowly drift away. About a minute in, it becomes clear what's happening. This would be a 3 in my book, if not for the lack of dynamics and mixing of any sort, and poor sample quality.

The repetition, and uninspiring samples make this a track I won't be keeping.
2Creativity Description
This track starts out interesting, and shows a lot of potential. Then things get a little boring; throughout the piece there is one percussion layer that is constant (others come in and out, and seem just make a muddy sound), and instantly invites a sense of repetition to the listener's ears. Things do change, eventually, but after a loss of interest. Unfortunately, this piece is just too repetitive and the lack of a solid chord progression, or stand-out melody for that matter, leaves this a dull piece.
3Arrangement Description
Repetition! There are a lot of different ideas presented in what seem to be sections, marked off from one another, and finally, things just end. After the first few seconds, I wish I knew what went wrong! Percussion begins to layer up and get muddy, ideas seem to randomly and suddenly change, and no motif is presented other than the percussion (which gets old, unfortunately; more variation would go a LONG way). Dynamics would also help this song mature.
4Sound Quality Description
The samples aren't amazing, and they certainly have an interesting timbre together. There isn't a whole lot of variety here, so I don't have much to say. The overall sound quality is muddy due to unfocused percussion, and I dare say if there is any mixing at all.
Sep 24 2012 4:25 pm
by Max_Gooroo

Perhaps this comment comes a bit late ... 5 years or so but after reading this review again i clearly do not know why i marked this neutral. Since there seems no possibily to change it i would like to point out that i am truly sorry. I can only guess that i misclicked or was in a bad mood or whatever ...

May 16 2008 1:13 am
by ntltrmllgnc

A good song shows there's someone behind the wheel. I like the idea but it could use some tension not just percussion.

Aug 15 2007 1:20 pm
by Din

This is actually a very good review. The song shows promise, but seems to have lost direction shortly after starting.

Aug 09 2007 5:25 pm
by roncli

I echo Twi's comments... this is not a review worthy of anything less than positive feedback. He didn't insult you, he pointed out the major flaws with the piece, and even pointed out some things he liked. What exactly were you expecting out of this review that you didn't get?