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Title: Teh Machinaf0nk0r
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Artist: Gazus Snake
Genre: Rock/Pop: Funk
Reviewed by: Ceekayed on August 09, 2007 (All reviews by Ceekayed)

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Gazus Snake gave Ceekayed positive feedback for this review.



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1Overall Description
I agree with the other reviewers; the track is melodically very enjoyable but alot of the enjoyability is lost because of poor sample choices and usage. Neat oldschool'ish and a funky atmosphere though.
2Creativity Description
Well, all the song has is lead wankery on top of a pretty basic chord progression with a little break in the middle, where the song gets more relaxing. Nothing really fancy, but nothing horribly unoriginal either.
3Arrangement Description
The transitions fit well together, and the song flows very well from the start to the end. Solid stuff.
4Sound Quality Description
Well, my biggest complain here is that the song sounds very muffled. The sample choices are all concentrated on the low/mid sector of the spectrum, so they eat alot of each other's sound, making the song somewhat muddy. Especially that lead would need alot more sharpness, maybe even crunchiness so it'd really pop out from the mix. The drums also sounds like they were ripped from a yamaha synth from the early 90's; plastic. Still, when compared to other tracked songs, the production here is still above average.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
The question is, does it function? And the answer is a simple yes, it works. And it'd work even better if it was played by a real band.

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