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Title: Thoughtspring
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Artist: grip
Genre: Electronica: Ambient
Reviewed by: Ceekayed on August 09, 2007 (All reviews by Ceekayed)

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1Overall Description
I'm not too familiar with minimal house, but I'll try to do my best in understanding the genre by listening to only this song. So what Grip has created here is an ambient'ish soundscape painted on a rather regular house beat with the exception there's no really deep bassdrums or in-your-face claps. The setting work very well, but there are many minor tweaks needed in the soundscape and balancing to make it worth of 5 stars.
2Creativity Description
Is it repetitive? Hell yes. But is it boring? No. Very slight variations keep this song interesting from the beginning to the end. Oh, and the bassline is just awesome. Subtle but groovy.
3Arrangement Description
Transitions? What transitions? As said, the song keeps it's first theme throughout the song with some slight variations - it just flows. No sudden breaks, no surprises. I must add that I doubt surprises would really work in a song like this in any case.
4Sound Quality Description
Here we have so many minor flaws that I can't help but to drop the score alot. First of all, I really missed some punch from the kick. I expected the snappy kick that was introduced in the intro suddenly to jump out of the mix and get at least some more low frequencies. The concept behind a hollow kick that lacks punch is a nice one, but unfortunately it doesn't work here very well; I mean, the snap is not annoying but you could achieve so much more with some more low end. Also, the hihats are a tad too loud and get annoying especially when there are so many instruments that concentrate on the high end of the spectrum; the snare-kind of fx's and the resonated pads, for example. The song has so much stuff in the 4-15kHz range that it takes alot away from the otherwise so moody, soft and relaxing atmosphere. The harshness it creates really doesn't belong into this song in my opinion. So the keyword here is depth. That's what this song desperately needs if you want to make this a killer track.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
Yes, even with the minor flaws I mentioned, it works and I enjoyed listening to this track alot (despite my fairly critical review).

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