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Title: Minus_One Z-remix
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Artist: zaphoid
Genre: Electronica: Trance
Reviewed by: slammy on August 13, 2007 (All reviews by slammy)

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zaphoid gave slammy positive feedback for this review.
slammy responded: Thanks, you're a true gent :)



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1Overall Description
The track starts off with a pretty generic kick beat, slowly building adding to the percussion, adding pads, setting a nice atmosphere. Very chill out style in this build up, and it's nice to hear, rather than just being thrown into the deep end!. At 1:25 Zaphiod takes it up a notch, dropping in the bassline, and a chord progression. As we hit the 3 minute, the track is beginning to really grab my attention. Nice harmonies and arpreggios before being treated to a nice e-piano? melody. The progression at this point is really pleasing to the ear. I have a strong negative vibe from the snare drum usage - but it doesn't distract too much.. I was hoping that come the middle of the track, we'd have a pad/trance lead hair raising frenzy, it never came though, and thats were the biggest downfall to the track lies. At this time it became apparent that the track was simply too long, and should have been ending about now. It doesn't though, it just goes over the same themes again, before the final 2 minutes, where there is an odd lead synth providing a harmony, which wasn't present in the first half - this sound gives the distinct impression of the tune winding down. It came too late though, as the track failed to 'peak', failed to take me where I wanted to go. Again though, thewre are some really good elements, and this is my personal opinion ;).
2Creativity Description
The track failed to scale the heights that I feel such a nice progression, and steady build up, could have taken it too. The 'peak' section of the track didn't lift me, didn't inspire me, didn't have any effect on me at all. It's too long, at 9:20 long, it could have easily been 5 minutes long. I'm convinced it would work better being 5 minutes, as there simply isn't enough material here to warrant over 9 minutes.
3Arrangement Description
The arrangement is good, the builds are slow, progressive, which I always admire in this genre. I have a strong dislike for the use of the snare, as mentioned earlier in the review, but on the whole the transitions work well, and each section gels together nicely. It's just too long :p. The sound is well balanced though, each element being exceptionally audiable and working well together.
4Does it work as a piece of music Description
I'm 50/50 on whether it works. For me it doesn't, because of the length and the fact it failed to excite me in anyway. This is purely my own standpoint though. It's a well produced track, and I'm sure it will appeal to others. Give it a try and make your own mind up, is basically what I'm trying to say :).
Aug 13 2007 7:12 pm
by zaphoid

I usually go back and review my own stuff after the attachment wears off and I have to agree with you slammy. I need to revamp this track and breath some more life into it. It does need to be shorter and more rewarding.