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Title: Transparent
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Artist: Kruser
Genre: Electronica: Other
Reviewed by: TiLT on August 15, 2007 (All reviews by TiLT)

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1Overall Description
Please note that I have judged this song on its own merits, that is as a 30-second song that could not have been longer. Judged in comparison to other songs on this site, a more appropriate score would be 2 stars. You can tell that the artist had a plan in mind with this song, but I don't think it turned out exactly as good as he had hoped. The melody is much too simplistic and the sound too thin, resulting in something that sounds like early music from the Amiga. Having said that, the structure is built up well, with nice drums and a clear goal. For a 30-second compo submission, this is certainly a piece of music that has the potential to compete, but as a standalone piece of music it's not going to raise any eyebrows.
2Creativity Description
This isn't a piece of music that will impress with its new ideas and fancy technology. It's a straightforward 30-second compo piece and makes no claims to be otherwise. While there isn't necessarily anything clearly wrong with the piece, it's missing most of the things that would make it interesting and memorable, even within the limited time allowed.
3Arrangement Description
The structure is very well set up, with a clearly defined start, middle, and end. Sample limitations aside, the instruments do complement each other nicely, and the drums are sequenced well. The song could do well with more emphasis on bass, however.
4Sound Quality Description
The sound quality isn't very impressive. The sounds themselves are good, but the recordings are so poor that you can barely hear the sounds through the low bitrate. The sounds could also do with some EQ, so as to give emphasis to lower frequencies.
5Does it work as a piece of music Description
This isn't the kind of music you'd add to your playlists, though it hasn't been composed for that purpose either. Considering the limitations the compo applied to the piece, it somewhat works as a piece of music, but only barely.

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