The Bed Melody

By: DuskWire

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Added: 6/23/2007
Length: 4:26

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Electronica: Chillout/Lounge
Electronica: Dance
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Year: 2007

The Digital Ocean EP (Track #4)

Artist's description:
One day I was ill and stuck in bed all day - so the only thing to do was set myself up with my computer and keyboard. The result was this.

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Reviewed by Psy-T on Jun 28, 2007
slightly too much high frequency tail on your main synths. percussions are terrific, except for the kick drum which hides in the back too much and is nearly unnoticable. the piano is slightly too loud... Read full review
Reviewed by martyfmelb on Jun 26, 2007
Well, I've just woken up. And this track was a much more pleasant start to the day than Nova FM's usual noisy pop lineup. Crits: Maybe just take the bite out of the ride instrument, it's a bit ... Read full review
Reviewed by thekhin on Jun 26, 2007
Scenemusic ahoy. Now, to be honest, this track needs more work to really work, but it really has the POTENTIAL to work! And work well too. So you gotta work it; - ride in beginning is too loud in ... Read full review
Reviewed by VOiD on Jun 24, 2007
An enthusiastic, if slightly flawed attempt at a cross between chillout and dance which actually ends up sounding like neither. The arrangement alternates between uptempo parts driven by some nice sou... Read full review


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