Chip Rebirth

By: CrazyMan

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Added: 6/26/2007
Length: 7:14

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Electronica: Drum & Bass
Soundtrack/Game: Bitpop/Chiptune
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Year: 2006

2006 (Track #3)

Artist's description:
Full title in french is :
"Quand on ne sait pas quoi faire avec une musique, on fait n'importe quoi et avec un peu de chance, ca marche!"
Translated :
"When we dun know whatta do with a music, we do whatever and with a it of luck, it works!"

Then you got the idea :D This song is a mixture of typical CM melodies, breakbeat, some kinda metal influences but not much, its in the background and chiptune!
Dedicated to Gazus Snake

Inspiration came for all, and especially chippy tunes and demoscene old style.

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Reviewed by rafacolegaguay on Jun 26, 2007(0 agree, 1 disagree)
Pitty 4 the chippy sounds, uf, the ┬┐guitar? sound as an example. I love the piano. Never liked much chiptune but That piano sound pays ^_^ That chip sound sometimes even looks like out of tune x) ... Read full review

Jul 22 2008 6:13 pm
by PPLo

Awesome, love the metal/classical/chip emotion !

Jun 30 2007 2:54 pm
by Encrypted Transmission

Very nice Piano melody to start with. Like what you did with the guitar, too. When the beat finally drops, it compliments the rest of the song nicely. Love it. Keep up the good work!

Jun 29 2007 9:10 am
by Nikei

Ya, This tune very amazing , man. Thanks for this work :)

Jun 29 2007 12:29 am
by Analysis

Chippy sounds combined with guitars and piano's and the result is amazing. I'd never thought I could find a song like this on the site. Great work!!

Jun 27 2007 4:31 am
by EE_Jeffrey

Ooh Epic! Amiga fever... I like! ^.^

Jun 27 2007 1:00 am
by martyfmelb

I have never heard anything like this! Bonus points for shivers down spine during the chip-on-wall-of-sound parts.