twenty two ten

By: thekhin

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Added: 6/26/2007
Length: 3:54

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Electronica: Ambient
Electronica: Industrial
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Artist's description:
Enter darkness by golly.

You're in the fields by the train tracks, slowly going mad, there are voices in your head talking nonsential gibberish.

A train is approaching, passaging something very evil..

Oh, and this is also mainly performed live using Renoise, sweet samples, keys and knobs.

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Reviewed by DuskWire on Jun 27, 2007
A dark, experimental ambient track that successfully delivers a scary ambience. The effects are spot on, the synths used work extremely well and samples of voices create an eerie atmosphere.... Read full review
Reviewed by kaneel on Jun 28, 2007
Overall, a good abstract ambient tune. Soundscapes, obscure drones, everything is here to make you feel quite unconfortable in front of your chair, wondering if you're really alone at home and if som... Read full review
Reviewed by VOiD on Jun 28, 2007
A very moody track that creates a great, tense atmosphere. Some production issues and a lack of variation detracts a bit from the overall score, but it's stillworth a listen for anyone into soundscap... Read full review
Reviewed by Qumran on Jun 30, 2007
Dark, bassy, subliminal. A great ambient tune which really takes you in. When you listen to it everything else gets blurry, time stops and the only thing that´s left is the world of the soundscape. T... Read full review
Reviewed by DaytaMOD on Jun 26, 2007
A very very clever Experimental track. Not something you'd listen to again and again but well worth downloading just for the experience of it.... Read full review


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