By: thekhin

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Added: 6/28/2007
Length: 3:50

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Electronica: Other
Rock/Pop: Pop
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Year: 2006

Artist's description:
The baby of my ex Henriette & me. Previously released at CTG, giving it a respin here with Kizzume's lovely backing vocals giving it all much needed strength.

Been thinking (hah, get it?) of reproducing it to an extent, any ideas of necessary changes?

If anybody wants to remix this I can release the RNS source on demand. It has some VST's, but nothing you all couldn't handle I presume. ;)

the khin (production) Henriette (songwriter, lead vocal), Kizzume (backing vocal)

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Reviewed by VOiD on Jun 28, 2007
Very pleasant electronic pop tune that manages to be bouncy and melancholic at the same time. After all, the best pop songs are the bittersweet ones, right? Due to some production issues and a lack of... Read full review
Reviewed by DuskWire on Sep 02, 2007
A really wonderful track, perfectly produced for the vocals used. If the theme and elements used are somewhat simplistic, this is in no way a criticism as it compliments the vocals to a tee. A really ... Read full review
Reviewed by thecanary on Jun 30, 2007
Wow. I've reviewed a lot of the khin's tracks and I am endlessly amazed by the diversity of his talent. This is a summery, pop-ish sounding song with some absolutely beautiful vocals (you let go o... Read full review
Reviewed by Fredrik Cole on Jun 28, 2007(0 agree, 2 disagree)
Pretty cool song. Sure it has it highs and lows but still lightly enjoyable. The whole atmosphere of the song gives me some mixed vibes like Dido, Björk and other electronical elements. One thing tha... Read full review

Jan 02 2009 2:35 pm
by Quantumeyes5

This is a delightful song....the vocals are really wonderful! Another one for my playlist of favourites (and to download) :) Thanks for making this available. Susie xxx

Jul 20 2007 5:26 pm
by thekhin replying to PartySan

Renoise is free to download, and then extract the vocals. Of course I could just mail you the vocals in .flac format?

Jul 20 2007 2:53 pm
by PartySan

man, I probably would like to give a try, but I don't have Renoise. :(

Jun 28 2007 11:21 am
by sonus

Hey sagosen ... I'd be interested in giving a remix a try! I haven't done anything new for a few months now ... this might give me the necessary kick in the ass! :-)