Reindeers jumping through fired donuts

By: Gazus Snake

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Added: 6/28/2007
Length: 1:49

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Soundtrack/Game: Bitpop/Chiptune
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Year: 2007

Artist's description:
Chiptune track made in few hours.
About the title... well... one of the reindeers die.
Those guys are professional, but don't try to imitate them, kids.
I would advice you to download both versions : mp3 and .it, considering the .it is more interesting because it is a chiptune. Not only because of the ridiculous size, but for the pleasure of seeing a module scrowling up.

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Reviewed by VOiD on Jul 01, 2007
Fun chip song that really manages to catch that old-school feeling. I could easily imagine this music in a Razor 1911 splash screen before the actual game starts loading. Solid handiwork.... Read full review
Reviewed by Tricky on Jul 05, 2007
Chiptunes, I remember that when I first heard them I had a little trouble. Lateron I became to love them. This one has really that in a chiptune which you can either love or hate about them. I do like... Read full review
Reviewed by Tympanic on Jun 30, 2007
At first I thought the title was Reindeers jumping through FRIED donuts, which might make more sense, or not...About the song, it is short and sweet. The more I listen to the this song, the more I li... Read full review

Jul 02 2007 10:49 pm
by dayfid

good one. and "word" on the time signature manipulations. and also - i think the name makes perfect sense.

Jun 28 2007 4:30 pm
by John Marwin

This tune is quite catchy and has some nifty time signatures aswell towards the end, I highly recommend it to anyone with a taste in odd music.