Holy Wood

By: aGp

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Added: 6/30/2007
Length: 2:04

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Rock/Pop: Funk
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Year: 2007

Artist's description:
hey dudes,

watched a great movie the other day.. ( i think it was oceans 11, number 12 sucks, yet to see 13) and was inspired to write a short piece about hollywood..

and a little bit about how we treat movie stars as gods...

but i still like movies :)

hence the fast upbeat vibe

All speech samples from: http://www.jonhs.com/moviesounds/

Other samples from: www.beatsandsamples.com
Unknown places... :o

Completely made in Modplug with samples and some VST-effects

Thanks for comments in advance



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Reviewed by thecanary on Jul 01, 2007
A+ for effort. It's good to see that there are people out there actually still using tracker programs. I remember the mid-era days of the tracker revolution very fondly. There are a lot of overall... Read full review
Reviewed by VOiD on Jul 01, 2007
This short, upbeat song has a nice idea behind it, but features a number of drawbacks that unfortunately gets in the way.... Read full review

Nov 04 2007 7:36 pm
by dj io

funkayyy.... nice stuff