Bachsphemat0r - The Arcanes Of The Human

By: CrazyMan

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Added: 7/01/2007
Length: 5:15

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Alternative/Punk: Metal - Extreme
Classical/New Age: Classical (Orchestral)
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Year: 2007

Bachsphemat0r (Track #1)

Artist's description:
Bachsphemat0r is a kinda music projet within a special genre that mixes extreme metal technics and baroque / symphonic music, someway. Then, there is the only song made up for this project, which is quite good. No vocals, don't be scared...

I've ruined my inspiration with some Kalmah / Children Of Bodom and MoiDixMois songs

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Reviewed by Encrypted Transmission on Jul 03, 2007
This piece is incredible! An absolute metal masterpeice. This is an outstanding mix of metal, and classical, with an awesome gothic feel to it.... Read full review
Reviewed by ozostomia on Jul 05, 2007
"F"enomenal song, drumming is probably tracked but they sound so frikkin real! Guitars are perfectly played and the organs fits damn well into this song! Lots of things going on in this piece of ar... Read full review

Jul 06 2007 11:56 am
by xXFuneral_ThirstXx replying to CrazyMan

Dude one of the fastest drummers I've seen is Derek Roddy of Hate Eternal. 1200 bpm on double bass.

Jul 04 2007 4:50 am
by Encrypted Transmission

Had to listen to this again, it's now going on my playlists. Will probably download to my mp3 player too.

Jul 03 2007 6:20 pm
by CrazyMan replying to dayfid

I sampled the guitars and played all by myself (and i'm not very very satisfied with them, but n e way). About the drums its tracked/composed. I can blast myself to 210bpm on real, but not 280bpm ^^' Tho 280bpm has been reached as TEH limit of normal blasting, by Matte Modin (Dark Funeral's drummer), tho it's possible to go up by making a blasting technic named "gravity blast" (in case, youtube is your friend). Still... Thanks you for the listening!!

Jul 03 2007 6:16 pm
by dayfid

untouchable. dude! I advise anyone who listens to this to check out the download. You can hear the guitars and other samples so much clearer. Crazy drums. Did you play them or sample them, or both?