By: grip

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Added: 7/06/2007
Length: 6:07

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Electronica: Minimal
Electronica: Ambient
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Year: 2006

Artist's description:
A soundtrack for Traction's "2^5" demo released @ Assembly 2006. Minimal and progressive ambient house, I suppose. One of my personal favourites :) Check out the demo at

Summer and sunshine, ecstatic giggling and general well-being

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Reviewed by Ceekayed on Aug 09, 2007
I'm not too familiar with minimal house, but I'll try to do my best in understanding the genre by listening to only this song. So what Grip has created here is an ambient'ish soundscape painted on ... Read full review
Reviewed by Likuid on Jul 09, 2007
I have to start the review saying I am not an expert in House style. The song flows really good through my ears, but it doesn't tell me anything... More and more BD+SN floating into lead synths and b... Read full review
Reviewed by thecanary on Jul 08, 2007
The artist's description here is perfect- minimal, ambientstyle house. And though those seem like clashing elements, it works very well in this track. Nice swirling atmospheric pads, a mellow synth... Read full review


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