Minus_One Z-remix

By: zaphoid

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Added: 7/29/2007
Length: 9:20

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Electronica: Trance
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Year: 2007

Artist's description:
Classic Sounding Trance in the same style as Paul Van Dyke.

Shytan wrote the Original. The remix is almost 98% different. I used some of his Sound Engineering and a few of his riffs.


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Reviewed by Spectra on Aug 31, 2007
Haunting wind-like tones pierce the high-end while halo-like pads sparkle in the mid range...and all the cymbals keep up the "fluttery" feel of this track. The Krupa-esque toms the float through t... Read full review
Reviewed by slammy on Aug 13, 2007
The track starts off with a pretty generic kick beat, slowly building adding to the percussion, adding pads, setting a nice atmosphere. Very chill out style in this build up, and it's nice to hear, r... Read full review


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