No More

By: murdersgalore

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Added: 8/07/2007
Length: 6:27

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Alternative/Punk: Metal - Extreme
Rock/Pop: Heavy Metal
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Year: 2004

Depraved (Track #3)

Artist's description:
This is track three from my EP Depraved. Written and recorded in 2004, This is one of my first Death Metal EP's after the breakup of my band. Although the sound is a bit raw and harsh, I figured that anyone who would want to follow my musical progression should start here.

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Reviewed by Animal on Aug 08, 2007
An absolutly professionell production. This is an example for good, and I mean good, Death Metal.... Read full review
Reviewed by Charris on Aug 07, 2007
good song... Read full review

Aug 12 2007 10:19 pm
by Din

Good metal :)