Goodbye To All That(draft)

By: Animal

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Added: 9/27/2007
Length: 4:03

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Artist's description:
A little roadrunner for you, nothing special, only to listen. Enjoy....

Original and live performed by my band "Basement Society" (page goes up next weeks/month)

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Reviewed by Taroeel on Sep 27, 2007
For artistry and originality this song definitely deserves a five. What gets me is that all of Animals works couldn't be considered some sound from another artist. It is all so original. I really ... Read full review
Reviewed by skyline on Sep 28, 2007(0 agree, 1 disagree)
This is a pretty solid song. I really appreciate stuff that was played live because I understand how difficult it can be. Throughout all of that, the piece is very coherent, timing is correct, everyth... Read full review

Sep 27 2007 4:03 pm
by Mctriplex

sweet cool smooth laid back tune dude

Sep 27 2007 11:11 am
by Space Walk

Nice work. Not your best but still. Ice age is still my favorite and your best work if you ask me. Try to blend different element like in ice age as the outcome is both great and sounds beautiful. keep up the good work.


I say goodbye to all that....