Robbie's Rocketship (WIP)

By: Warrior Bob

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Added: 11/06/2007
Length: 3:54

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Rock/Pop: Pop
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Year: 2007

Artist's description:
This is a song I've been working on for some time, learning bits here and there about music production and composition. It is repetetive, simple, indulgent, skin-deep, and unfinished. No boundaries being pushed here, but I made it because I enjoyed it. Honestly the song makes me happy. I like listening to it, I like working on it, and I like muting a track and playing my keyboard or drums along with it. It is a kind of toy music, not meant to inspire or connect with you on some deeper level, but to be fun to play with. It's even about a kid and his rocket, but there are no words so you get to write the story yourself. Nobody will know what the real intended story is (I will know).

The song is currently unfinished. Things still to work on:
- Guitars and drums need to be replaced with real guitars and drums once I can play the song reliably enough to record
- That bass sounds sickly (it's a detuned guitar)
- The mixing blows
- The drum fill after the first section is lol-tastic and needs recomposition
- The song kind of exists to lead up to the ending and needs some more personality throughout
- Synth work is kind of rough and harsh where it doesn't need to be
- I need to port this to a sequencer that has some kind of automation in it
- There is a lot of repetition that may or not be a good idea but I'm not sure yet
- The whole thing is drowning in reverb because that's what new artists do to their music

I've posted it up here since you guys are a lot sharper than I am and figure I could use your advice. Thanks in advance!

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Reviewed by Spectra on Nov 07, 2007(0 agree, 1 disagree)
Uplifting, upbeat pop song loaded with melodic hooks...using very creative leads to overcome the monotony of 4-chord backgrounds. There are few quite overly loud instruments and ones that need touche... Read full review

Dec 01 2007 9:40 pm
by Dreambliss

For what you consider an unfinished song, I think this is certainly great work. I like the theme alot and the melody is simple yet filling. Great music doesn't always have to be complicated, and I like this song very much. Keep up the good work man! :)

Nov 08 2007 5:21 am
by Warrior Bob

Wow, thank you guys so much for your comments. They just absolutely made my day. This is the first song I've ever "finished" in the sense that I'm pretty sure I have all the notes more or less where I want them to be, and I really apprecate all the feedback. Sounds like it's time for me to fix some instruments and learn some production!

Nov 06 2007 8:48 pm
by Din

I wish my 'first ever' upload was this good...seriously, mine's kind of boring :( This song ends up being interesting because enough new things happen on top of what is being repeated, and it kept my focus on what was changing. The reverb may be a tish (that's Minnesotan for 'a tad' or 'a little', by the way) too heavy, but it's not enough to distract from the rest of the song. Great work :D

Nov 06 2007 7:28 pm
by TwiTerror

You see, when you put up music, you need to recommend it to me ASAP :O:O:O:O First of all. The Imperial March bit is fantastic. I really like the way you infused another melody into your song, and made it work. I don't think there is anything repetitive or rough about this music, it takes you on a journey. The only think I didn't like too much was the drum line, be it the samples or the rhythm, I can't put my finger on it. Even still, this track is easily on my playlist and I really am glad to see that you've put something up! I'll definitely listen to it a bunch more to give you some more helpful criticism, but overall I'm extremely impressed with what appears to be a first go. Good work!

Nov 06 2007 6:22 pm
by Spectra

Wow....while the techniques and depth here are nothing special the surface mood has "pop legend" written all over it...sounds a bit like a cross between "Cherub Rock" and "Rocket" (about two kids building a rocket in their backyard...coincidental theme?!), both by the Smashing Pumpkins with some 80's synth-pop influence. The hooks in this song are actually good enough to keep the repetition from making it by any means if Warrior Bob wants to stay in the pop genre this is actually a good way to go. The mood it makes me want to detach my synth from my amp and grab my old Peavey Predator guitar out of the closet, hook it up, and jam...this song got a 4 from me not for "music evolution", but for the fact it is very fun and very genuine. Keep up the attitude you show in this song, it's golden...

Nov 06 2007 5:31 pm
by Space Walk

WoooW the theme is just delicious. Melodies are delightful. Sounds like something Chris Huelsbeck, Kitaro or Tangerine Dream would do. The beat system is pretty simple but solid. Enough variation keeps it interesting at all time. You don't have to be a warrior to enjoy this song. Great work

Nov 06 2007 5:30 pm
by Tympanic

This song is pretty good for a first-timer. I enjoyed listening to it, and really I did not have the feeling that it was repetitive at all. Good job Warrior Bob, and keep at it, because if you do, I'm sure you'll make great songs :)

Nov 06 2007 5:25 pm
by Space Walk

What Warrior Bob uploaded a song??!! ;o) Gotta DL first... will drop a comment again later.