Terrifying Fungus

By: Cathedral of Failure

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Added: 1/02/2008
Length: 7:26

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Electronica: Industrial
Alternative/Punk: Metal
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Year: 2007

Boarderline (Track #7)

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Reviewed by Ceekayed on Jan 03, 2008
Congratulations, you've managed to make Ceekayed speechless. This track completely blew me away. Right from the intro I knew that this track would be worth my time. Awesome beats and really creepy at... Read full review

Apr 24 2009 9:32 pm
by ntltrmllgnc

sammich! that's what this is. it's sammich! it's over 9000 sammiches! :)

Jan 07 2008 6:48 am
by Eyspire

I missed this one the first time I listened to your new releases... how could I possibly have missed it!?!? It's a cold, dark, itchy and stagnant work of art! FAR OUT! It's a MUST listen.

Jan 03 2008 3:00 pm
by Cathedral of Failure

Many thanks guys. And next release is very soon, we got some stuff done before christmas, but didn't want to release it all at once =)

Jan 03 2008 2:06 pm
by Din

Eerie and beautiful. I like the change up about half way through, where you bring in the piano for a softer touch, and then back to the initial theme with gusto. Great song :) Now there's the wait until your next release :(