By: nurasto

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Added: 1/03/2008
Length: 2:07

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Year: 2005

Artist's description:
A house music, people call it here. This is beat relatively different when I hear house in common. I create the song from scratch and here it is. The Mikrolet Driver's songs late in 2004.

This kind of track quite popular in Indonesia. hehe. I am not fan of this kind of song but it's ok to explore music, music is universal.

Lately I discover that the genre of this music is Funkot (Funky Kota), House Music from Indonesia. Kota is a region in north Jakarta.

Mikrolet, a minibus vehicle and public transportation in Jakarta.

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Dec 17 2008 12:36 am
by nurasto

Indeed (betul), my friend. hahaha ... I did enjoy this song a lot :).

Dec 16 2008 8:40 am
by tarida

\0'/ Hahahaha! Musik angkot!