Layer Cake

By: DeeKyoo

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Added: 3/22/2008
Length: 7:19

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Electronica: Trip Hop/Acid Jazz
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Year: 2008

The UnReal (Track #2)

Artist's description:
A new trip hop track


Love for good music

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Reviewed by sectorseven on Jul 23, 2008
Great stuff! Reminds me of some Massive Attack and Sneaker Pimps sound (only without the vocals).... Read full review
Reviewed by SynthR on Oct 05, 2008
This is a happening track. Lots of audible treats for the ear to feast on.... Read full review
Reviewed by Cortoh Hasur on Apr 04, 2008
Good sound, smooth transitions, inventive creativity, all is gathered to make a great TripHop tune, with a subtle touch of 70's psychedelic acid. Worth the download, worth to be in your playlist and ... Read full review

Mar 23 2008 11:32 pm
by DeeKyoo replying to Alizhen

Thanks man! I appreciate the comments.

Mar 23 2008 1:05 am
by Alizhen

Yeah this is cool, I'm looking forward 2 hearing some more of your stuff. Nice phat n funky beatz, that change up. The main melody is catchy and the jazz-sample breakdown in the middle is nice. Plenty of tricks: reverse samples, slice, and delays. Good work