Point Zer0

By: K-Lyd

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Added: 8/10/2008
Length: 3:07

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Electronica: Techno
Electronica: Dance
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Artist's description:
electro with a c64 vibe :p i'll tease the eq's when i get round to it.... not often i finish a song these days , so 5hrs and a finished one is good going for me! enjoy!

ummm beeer and such...

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Reviewed by VOiD on Sep 12, 2008
A short track featuring a good ol'timey chip-sounding synth riff and a bouncy, danceable rhythm. Although it's fairly competently put together, it needs either greater rhythmic complexity or a stron... Read full review

Mar 03 2009 10:22 pm
by bacteria


Nov 04 2008 11:05 pm
by Eyspire

A real classy little tune for my mp3 vault. Love the hybrid mix, it's definately a goood listen.

Aug 17 2008 7:18 am
by Awais

It's A Beautiful Mixture Of Two Different Style .c64 Sounds Verywell To Me & No Doubt Mixing Is Also G00D But I Think "EXTRA SAUCE NEEDED" :)

Aug 12 2008 5:41 pm
by ashyimpala

The C64-like synth is fantastic, also very nostalgic! And the mix/mastering is very good. Some variations could change this track to a real masterpiece.

Aug 12 2008 2:15 pm
by K-Lyd replying to Tricky

For some reason, I think Commercial chiptune/electro hybrid house may be the future... with extra sauce! :)

Aug 12 2008 12:32 pm
by Tricky

Damn it.... I never realized that chip and dance could be combined so well. I love it when people combine styles, especially when you get good results from it. This track really made my day.