Shuffle on down the Rhodes

By: trekkiejj
Added: 8/30/2008
Length: 3:35

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Rock/Pop: Rock
Jazz/Blues: Jazz
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Year: 2008

Artist's description:
I know it's not your typical jazz shuffle, but it's close enough. The opportunity for a pun-y title was too much to pass up.

So--yeah, I thought I'd try something a little jazzier this time. I don't think it's quite jazzy enough to come out of the Rock/Pop category, but it's close. I had trouble deciding whether the main category should be Rock or Jazz, to be honest.

And...I wanted to give a shout-out to the folks that created MrRay73, the Rhodes emulator plug-in that I used to get the sweet electric piano sound. It's fantastic!

Also, I used a different drum set this time--I was getting a little tired of the one I was using in all my other tunes. The new one's actually a mixture of different sets (taken from various free soundfonts floating around).

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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Reviewed by VOiD on Oct 07, 2008
Here is a great, no nonsense, thorougly funky piece of jazz-rock fusion in a simple four-piece band setup, with no extra frills or effects. It captures all the fun of a great band kicking back and jam... Read full review


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