To Be Frank

By: edcowan1

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Added: 9/30/2008
Length: 3:35

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Electronica: Chillout/Lounge
Jazz/Blues: Jazz
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Year: 2008

Covers And Others (Track #7)

Artist's description:
A Jazz track, or chillout. Inspired by Frank McComb. It was created on Cubase Sudio 4 using both live sounds, samples and Midi. The Bass line was created on an old analogue synthesiser, the piano and electric piano are midi. The drums were created by a drum machine, and the other slightly eastern noises are all samples from various things I had on my ipod.

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Reviewed by etj on Feb 06, 2009
The best thing about this track is the quality bass synth gives it a seedy (almost sexual) tone. The understated rhythmic complexity established between the off-beat vamp, unctuous bass, and simple be... Read full review
Reviewed by VOiD on Oct 09, 2008
Some gorgerous electric piano chords and a wicked synth bass line starts off a two chord vamp in this smooth chillout track, and although the opening holds a lot of promise, the rest of the track does... Read full review

Oct 09 2008 7:48 pm
by edcowan1

Thankyou for your kind comments. I was aware that a peice with only 3 chords in it could be a bit of a drag, which is why I added things such as the indian drumming and the electric piano solo. Origionally their was only a piano solo, which was tedious. I then stumbled upon some chords which could be used in conjuncture to the main ones and a new solo idea was born. I will think about your review and change and tweek as I feel appropriate. Thankyou again.