You thought we're dead, hé?

By: CrazyMan

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Added: 12/18/2008
Length: 8:56

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Alternative/Punk: Metal
Other: Experimental
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Year: 2008


Artist's description:
This song was made not so long ago for the (failed) rebirth of trackers at work. Its one of the best shit I have ever done because it's just 'retro-ish', as I put myself into a long song with many styles, and also it has a decent quality (and a shitty mastering, ok)
So, enjoy.

Can't fit the genre, so, its about Noise, TripHop, Metal, Reggae, Ska, Drum N Bass. Ok?

Halloween. Better had to kill myself, ha.

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Dec 18 2008 9:07 pm
by clones

interesting and certainly epic. I love your guitars.