By: MarCNeT

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Added: 8/30/2009
Length: 5:56

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Year: 2005

Artist's description:
After the much dark & heavy industrial track "Blue demon" in 2000, I decided to create a more lighter less industrial song to kind of even things out a bit (!).

So along came this song. Its theme was about challenging yourself , going out and doing things you've never done before, and not giving up just because "its too difficult" (something I've done many a time). Reach for the impossible and succeed. Yup.

The original version of this track was completed in about 2 weeks from start to finish (I had more time on my hands back then) and released to the Interweb sometime in 2001. Since then I have gone back to this song several times, extending and adding to the sound. The last revision was done sometime in 2005 (I guess, after I had finished tweaking Blue Demon in 2005).

It's not as good as BD, and being the second song I released, I don't expect that much praise for it either. Enjoy!

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