By: MarCNeT

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Added: 9/21/2009
Length: 6:30

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Rock/Pop: Rock
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Year: 2003

Artist's description:
This song is about the end of the world. Not from a boom-boom-nuclear explosion-everyone's dead kind of way, but how the world ends from the perspective of someone who knows they're just about to die. Gloomy eh?

It was written just before & after I went to have heart surgery. Scary stuff...

This song was originally written and finished in October 2003. Since then this song has been left alone on my harddrive - not doing much at all.

I came across it again a couple months ago when going through and tweaking my old tracks (BD, CanUBe, Glide, etc) . This song, however, require a bit more work to get it in a state that I'm happy with today.

The voice in the original track was done by Microsoft Text to speech engine. I have since re-done the voice using a simular style to the song "Quiet".

The percussion - sounded a bit bland,flat and had artificial reverb in the original track. The reverb has been removed and the percussion sound has been improved.

I've also added to the background "string" synths, making the sound a little less artificial.

Hope you like this new version... Enjoy :)

This song was originally written just before & after I went to have heart surgery and not knowing how it was going to turn out. Scary stuff...

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Sep 22 2009 3:49 am
by MarCNeT

Thanks :) The guitars in this song are tracked. I can't actually play the guitar :/ - I have one, I've just never got around to learning the thing. (ps: removed duplicate comment).

Sep 22 2009 1:16 am
by clones

I love your voice in this. Is the guitar tracked or played?


This is the end of my World
Everything now is falling apart
Smoke and fire cloud my mind
Death itself corrodes...
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