arpelet three

By: acid

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Added: 2/02/2010
Length: 8:39

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Year: 2010

hellishness of (Track #6)

Artist's description:
mixed the pervibish track into the center of these other things going on in the performance. woot

time, space, matter, valued thoughts,.. et,c.

Aside: image worked and developed on 8-22-2000

source file is the second work and centered in the music.

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Feb 02 2010 12:29 pm
by acid

i have included arpelet 3 as a source file without the middle playing arpelet 2 :) in an edit of this song submission

Feb 02 2010 11:00 am
by acid

Arpelet 2 was just the fifth track in the five tracks of Arpelet 3 where the other tracks had either the left side or the right side balance after being recorded and such...

Feb 02 2010 10:29 am
by GMO replying to acid

and interesting to see/hear how, from arpelet 2 fed into your gear, it turned out into arpelet 3..

Feb 02 2010 10:24 am
by acid

yes exactly I actually used to name my performance patch groups probe box 1 or 2 I am at like 4.2 now a variation on probe box 4 patch groupings

Feb 02 2010 10:02 am
by GMO

very spacey, in a probe-sent-away ..way :p - reminds of me of some works from louis et bebe barron, late 50's..