Leyenda (Asturias)

By: anonymous

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Added: 2/06/2010
Length: 8:43

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Classical/New Age: Classical (Other)
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Year: 1911

stabs in the dark

Artist's description:
Asturias (Leyenda) is a work of classical music written by the Spanish composer Isaac Albéniz.

more information:


Presented here as a midi transcription used to drive; real guitar sampler, dreamstation synth, pentagon synth, and DR-008 drums DX instruments in Sonar 2.2

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Feb 08 2010 11:48 am
by Norm

Very nice! Thanks for posting it!

Feb 08 2010 12:11 am
by clones replying to GMO

here you go - someone rated it a 1 http://www.traxinspace.com/song/42543

Feb 08 2010 12:09 am
by clones replying to GMO

but Bream excels at doing Britten - one of my favorite pieces - Nocturne - I think I posted it under charlie's ID.

Feb 07 2010 9:03 pm
by GMO replying to clones

Bream's good, altough his Asturia's playing is not his best performance, i think..

Feb 07 2010 5:15 pm
by GMO replying to clones

from my little understanding, i think it's all about to play the piece in the most.. "pure" form of spanish guitar play tradition.. dusty conservatism -cultural that is- is certainly a fatal disease to the world..

Feb 07 2010 5:01 pm
by clones replying to GMO

apparently people were offended by Segovia's interpretations too - I've never felt that way. I think he is the best I've heard though I like Parkening and Bream a lot also.

Feb 07 2010 3:46 pm
by GMO replying to clones

i'd "dare" to say even that a more spanish play, such as segovia's or j. williams' is not emphasing the piece. but that's so personal taste, i know most people are sort of "offended" by Yang playing, sounding..

Feb 07 2010 3:44 pm
by GMO replying to clones

it is really good, yes, as it offers a "modern" vision of an classical piece. and it does work perfectly. plus, yang is pretty :p

Feb 07 2010 1:32 pm
by clones replying to GMO

excellent - and the video is really good as well

Feb 07 2010 1:03 pm
by GMO replying to clones

wooops my bad! :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOZVn3Uxue0

Feb 07 2010 12:39 pm
by clones replying to GMO


Feb 07 2010 11:06 am
by GMO replying to anonymous

i have a thing for X.Yang playing, and how she "renders" each mood of the this mythic prelude..

Feb 07 2010 10:46 am
by anonymous replying to GMO

Thanks for the listen and comment!! There are several live versions on youtube you may want to look up as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx7vOb7GNBg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9efHwnFAkuA you will see I made it closer to the speed of the master Segovia though I like how Ana attacks the piece.

Feb 07 2010 7:02 am
by GMO

although a century old, this hasn't aged at all. and i like the interpretation you did with it, although, i think you have a little too much reverb on your guitar. or at least, no enough damping. and you might have been more "theatrical" maybe - but that's my vision of it. anyway, this is really good, thanks for sharing this..