Real High

By: DJTobes

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Added: 2/07/2010
Length: 8:23

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Year: 2002

Artist's description:
As I've just joined up (a mate of mine put his tunes on here, so I came to listen and loved the site!) I thought it only fair to upload a tune or two of my own for you to laugh at!

This is Real High. As mentioned in my profile this is the Hard House tune that was actually released in 2002 on the Shock Records label. There was a follow up tune that was going to be released then Shock went bust!! I'll probably put that up as well. Anyway, this tune is defiantly of its time, about eight years old so don't be too harsh on it eh?! Oh, and the sample is the late great comedian Bill Hicks. Hope you enjoy it....


A Bill Hicks video that I saw and I was a Hard House dj at the time, watching all these sweaty mangled people dancing like mad in front of me prompted me to do this.

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