Looking In

By: thecanary

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Added: 4/17/2011
Length: 6:08

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Electronica: Drum & Bass
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Year: 2011

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May 21 2011 3:05 pm
by thecanary replying to solo

Yes, I agree with you! I spent so much time with the mixdown on this that I think I deadened the high-end range of my hearing... Some of the background blips were tuned just a tad too high. I was going for full-on minimalist though, so the song was built from the ground up with frequency balance in mind. I used resonant low and high pass filters to isolate each individual sample within its specific frequency range. The result is a little on the bleak side, but I'm (mostly) happy with it. Thanks again for your useful and meaningful critique, Solo, it means a lot! :)

May 20 2011 10:29 am
by solo

As usual you're posting some of the most original material on the site. This sort of reminds me of the Ying Yang Twins Whisper Song with that whacked out bass line. I dig the high frequency twinkles but if you play it loud enough you're gonna melt all the dog brains in your neighborhood. From my perspective I think I would have added another atmospheric layer or rich pad with an evolving texture to maintain interest but if your goal was to go minimalist mission accomplished.