Lil Creepiez Trial

By: audiochosis

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Added: 8/19/2011
Length: 3:12

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Alternative/Punk: Gothic
Other: Experimental
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Year: 2011

AuGust Carnival (Track #7)

And so it goes...

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Oct 01 2014 9:15 am
by audiochosis replying to harbinger

Thanks for your reviews. I appreciate your honesty. Perhaps, someday, I will go back and rework these. or use the learning experience when writing the next.

Aug 30 2011 2:16 pm
by harbinger

Notes as i'm listening: The alternate tuning is done well in this production, giving the melodic line an Asian feel. A simple chord progression measuring probably only one bar is repeated over and over in some plucked instrument while variations on the original melodic theme make the phrases a bit singsongy albeit rather morose and reflective. Rhythm is confined to the repeating plucks (no drums or bass). This isn't garbage, but i'm trying to determine a reason to keep this with me. It's not uplifting, validating, or interest-keeping. It sounds depressing but not resolute. Like the job that was done, but won't keep around. Perhaps someone else can find a place for it. It is good enough to inspire someone.