Infinite Threshold

By: thecanary
Added: 8/31/2011
Length: 5:48

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Electronica: Drum & Bass
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Year: 2011

Artist's description:
˙sıɥʇ oʇ uǝʇsıן ןןıʍ oɥʍ ǝןdoǝd 5˙2 ǝɥʇ oʇ ǝɔuɐʌpɐ uı sʞuɐɥʇ

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Reviewed by harbinger on Sep 08, 2011
Notes as i'm listening: Canary is making me a fan of DnB with his timbral progressions that he overlays his beats with. Normally DnB is TOO much rhythm and repetition for my brain, but this compos... Read full review


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