As I Sit Here In Wonder

By: Simian Itch

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Added: 9/26/2011
Length: 4:37

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Rock/Pop: Rock
Electronica: Breakbeat/Breaks
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Year: 2011

Artist's description:
song good. listen good. yes.

The man with the long coat and the big white van that always gives me candy.

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Reviewed by harbinger on Sep 30, 2011
Notes as i'm listening: I knew it was Simian when i first heard it without looking up at the screen! Distinctive, and now even MORE of what you love about his music! Overdriven, overamped, and dis... Read full review
Reviewed by clones on Oct 01, 2011
Excellent song that extends the industrial tradition of Skinny Puppy. One of the unique features of Simian Itch music is the well thought out use of contrasts and this piece of music employs that well... Read full review


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far from a race they paced in space
pressed for time, some arrested for crazes, inspect the maze.

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