By: MarCNeT

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Added: 12/16/2011
Length: 13:32

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Rock/Pop: Heavy Metal
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Year: 2013

Artist's description:
This is version 2 of the song Quest -

- Various volume levels and EQ levels have been tweaked
- The main voice has a deep bass element
- The choir also has a bassier element making it sound fuller
- Removed the mistake synth at the end of the song - after the fade-out
- The electronic singing voice now has a slight echo-delay.
- Shorted the end guitar solo - the start of it messed with the orchestral part

Apart from the above changes, its exactly the same song....


This song is about a combination of faith, doubt, ambitions and the confidence to carry out them out without going to far and always having the ability to question what your doing is actually sensible. A bit of a mixed up thing, really......

This track was first created during my Fasttracker 2 phase back in 1997, progressed through about 7 versions (all were a bit crap and/or incomplete, version 4 was complete which is what this song is based on, but the mastering was all screwed) until this version I was finally happy with - a bit of a quest for myself, actually.

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Reviewed by ScAvenger on Mar 24, 2012
Really great ambient intro. Strong rain/waterfall sound to flesh out the feeling of the song. Great piano, orchestral-type, and synthesized vocal accents. Song actively changes pace to keep the repeti... Read full review


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(Where are you going?)

Do not have any doubts or those doubts will come true
You must have faith in yourself...
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