By: Claymore

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Added: 2/16/2012
Length: 4:36

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Rock/Pop: Progressive Rock
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Year: 2012

Artist's description:
Another progressive rock tune, this time a little slower.

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Feb 27 2012 8:28 am
by harbinger

Notes as i'm listening: Decent art rock sound with classic instrumentation and pretty good arrangement in space. One will quickly notice the thickness of the layers, which go on i think for too long. There should have been a reduction in layers and thinning of the space in some passes to make the heavy parts more important. The styling is a cross between Pink Floyd and Saga, but the song could well be an intermission piece between any one of their hits. The inspiration is there and the sequences can be quite lofty. The FX are decent but not very modernized.

Feb 24 2012 4:49 pm
by solo

I'm a big fan of progressive rock so this was a real treat, nice variations in timing, arpeggios and chord progressions keep the song ever changing and interesting. The backing violin in the latter half is not really to my liking so much until the ending when it gets stroked much like Kansas used to do but it does fit well. My only other complaint is I can barely hear what sounds like an amazing percussion performance. It get's so buried in the mix it sounds like the drummer was next door during the recording, really needs some volume added and crisp sizzle eq.

Feb 16 2012 6:17 pm
by gilgamesh

Awesome! Cool post rock'ish guitar melodies.