Repetitions WIP

By: Ceekayed

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Added: 6/21/2012
Length: 2:41

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Electronica: Other
Electronica: Breakbeat/Breaks
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Artist's description:
So a little teaser of what kind of a project I'm working currently on my spare time.

Ethnic soundtrack dubstep. A few other tracks I'm working on also include ambient.

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Nov 10 2013 6:41 pm
by Din

I'm loving those drums (Session Drums? Battery? Maschine? something else?) I'm not crazy about most wobble bass, but like Zan says you've brought it along without allowing its gimmickry to dominate things (now teach Skrillex how to do the same). The orchestrals instruments add a ton of character, too. Now where's the rest of it?

Jun 21 2012 3:02 pm
by Ceekayed replying to Zan

Yeah, I actually don't listen to much of dubstep and I really dislike most of it due to the lack of actual music in the genre. I also hate it when artists feel the need to use the same old tired bass patch for 6 minutes with just different lfo frequencies. I know it takes a lot of work to make a good bass sound, but for the listener it stops sounding awesome the moment the listener realizes the song's not going to have any other content besides the bass patch. I'm a bit ranty today.

Jun 21 2012 12:28 pm
by Zan

Reminds me of later Juno Reactor. Very clean sound. Like how you worked in the dubstep elements without it killing the music.