Gate of Eternity

By: Synthirius
Added: 7/08/2012
Length: 4:39

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Classical/New Age: New Age
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Year: 2012

Artist's description:
Synthirius presenting 'Gate of Eternity'

Artistic new age track, something i've been working on for long time...

Every year i seem to produce less tracks.........

unimportant stats, but still i give..

tracks composed from 1991 to 2008 - n/a
tracks composed in 2009 - 38
tracks composed in 2010 - 27
tracks composed in 2011 - 11
tracks composed in 2012 so far - 9

hope some can enjoy,

greets and respect from synthi !

my 3 weeks of vacation started today :-) hip hip hoeray..... !!!!!!!

PS: personal note from my best friend on this track quoting him 'When i close my eyes the music takes me on a journey through the universe'

Best regards all and respect,
Synthi out !

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Oct 24 2012 6:56 pm
by gilgamesh

It's been a while! Groovy but relaxed atmosphere. A pleasure listening your tracks as always. ;)

Jul 26 2012 2:53 pm
by harbinger

Notes as i'm listening: Reminded immediately of Peter Gabriel's later sound, and the transitions are unusual but not odd. There is a sort of New Age feel applied to a highly polished world beat that makes the sound quite appealing and entrancing. The bass line is smooth and modern, more melodic than rudimentary, and consisting of the softest timbre for support. The layers are sewn together nicely, sometimes transitioned smoothly, othertimes simply separated from each other with silence. Impressed overall with thte production and the aura -- keeping in my Syntherius folder!