Down The Nostalgia Lane

By: Ceekayed

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Added: 2/16/2014
Length: 5:12

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Electronica: Breakbeat/Breaks
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Artist's description:
I was digging through the archives and found this. I believe it is my last chibitracker work before I moved to Renoise. Dates to 2011 I think.

It's not remarkable in itself, a fairly dull tune that hasn't been properly finished, but finding it got me thinking that making music used to be so simple compared to these days. The limitations classic trackers imposed upon us made it so that you could be proud of way less than you can now. The better my equipment gets, the more I demand from myself on my own projects and the harder it becomes to make anything meaningful.

And while the song in question may not be remarkable for today's standards, had you told me ten years ago that I'd get that out of a mere Impulse Tracker clone, I would've laughed at you.

Cheers to that. And to another exclusive TiS release.

I may start spamming more of oldies from the archives whenever I feel bored enough. I have hours of stuff that has never seen the daylight for a reason or another and I guess not all of it is as awful as I think.

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Apr 05 2014 6:31 pm
by PsychoBoyArchie

Awesome song! I love how it builds up slowly from the start

Feb 24 2014 4:17 pm
by Din

I wish my unremarkable tunes sounded this good :( This song is spared from monotony by the change-ups, fills, and layering you've got going on throughout. I agree with VOiD that the choir (and strings) adds great depth, the old-school arpeggio rocks, and the timbral change at 3:15-ish kicks ass. It might benefit from some melody, but it stands up well as it is.

Feb 16 2014 9:36 am
by VOiD

I can sympathise with your feeling there mate, I have heaps and heaps of stuff that I never seem to get up to a standard I'm happy with. Incidentally, that's also why the stuff I do release tends to be the more "lightweight" stuff, while my more "serious" projects remain in an unfinished state. As for this song, I love the sound of it! Particularly the subtle choir and the quickly arpeggiated theme that follows it. Also a nice touch to change the sound after 3:15, as it keeps the song from falling into monotony.