Lizard Brain

By: Zan

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Added: 8/15/2014
Length: 5:06

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Electronica: Industrial
Other: Experimental
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Year: 2014

Moral Fiction (Track #02)

Artist's description:
Shifting drives and intensities.

Jim Beam

Loving intensity.
As an aside: reading Stephen King's Dark Tower, Drawing of the Three.

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Dec 05 2014 3:39 pm
by Din

Another excellent track layered with ear candy vocals and effects. I'm loving the gating on the pads, and the stutter/gate/delay on the vocal snippets going off in the background. That adds tons of depth and character.

Aug 15 2014 8:51 pm
by clones

love your voice in this. the lyrics and delivery really lift the track.


Challenge the upper echelon.
Check the power of the eye.
Burn down the walls that divide.
Experience freedom...
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