By: Zan

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Added: 9/16/2014
Length: 4:39

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Electronica: Other
Classical/New Age: Chanting
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Year: 2014

Moral Fiction (Track #1)

Artist's description:
Falling deeper into the hole.

the times

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Reviewed by audiochosis on Oct 07, 2014
Great! Nice heavy intense beginning, dark cords lead into a heavier scene. Very nice. Original and brutal.... Read full review

Dec 05 2014 3:49 pm
by Din

I wish I could get my stuff sounding this intense. I love the build-up to a wild, dense, screaming finale. Putting the drums in the background slathered in reverb isn't something I liked to start with, but it actually fits the atmosphere very well. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the level of that weird plucking thing that warbles in towards the end. The level puts it right up front over everything else, and it seems more like another player in the mid to background.


It came alive
fucking thing it came alive

all the ones who die
walk across the earth
in trails of scattered...
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