Heavy Joy

By: MikeInOttawa
Added: 9/08/2015
Length: 3:53

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Alternative/Punk: College,Indie,Lo-Fi
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Artist's description:
This is something I recorded yesterday. This guy, like that Giscar fellow I recorded in the past, is incredibly talented but short on funds (he has a young family). He has some amazing tunes, and I'd love to help get his music out there. I know how to try to get his music some airplay on the local university station, and I'm going to ask Giscar how he could go about getting paying gigs. I also know some good websites to put his tunes on. The funny thing is that he's so talented but has never played live.

I had recorded a few tunes in the main part of my basement, and this guy suggested trying to record in the bathroom in my basement. So I recorded the main track in stereo with a couple Oktava MK-012s in an ORTF pattern, and he played while sitting on the toilet seat. He sang the background vocals with the MD441- as you can see from the photo the mic stand was in the shower stall. I panned the background vocals left and added reverb panned right- I think it sounds cool.

I think the result is pretty good, but there's still a bit of noise that you can really hear at the end. I don't know if it's from the preamps, the interface, the compressor, or really soft ambient sound. Or is it that "analogue warmth" thing everyone talks about? I'm trying to get the PERFECT recording and it's just not happening, which is kind of disheartening.

Gray Winchell. The guy is really nice and is a total hipster! I've attached a picture of the guy in my bathroom.

Like that Giscar fellow, I'm happy to help such a talented guy get his music out there.

I still have the delusional idea of starting to charge people to record at my "studio", but I need more really good, well-recorded songs for my demo reel. So I placed an ad on Kijiji offering to record a few tunes for struggling artists for free. I recorded one shitty guitarist on the weekend, and recorded four songs for this guy yesterday. I have another guy coming over on Wednesday night- hopefully I can get good results from that.

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