Left Silent

By: MikeInOttawa
Added: 9/23/2015
Length: 3:32

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Alternative/Punk: College,Indie,Lo-Fi
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Year: 2014

Artist's description:
An amazing tune. Listen to the lyrics- the feelings expressed are f-ing intense!

I used two mics in mono to record this and there was a lot of bleed- I think the vocal mic was too far away from Gray (I guess I'm still learning). I used very little reverb to keep the vocals really up front and intimate- you can only hear it a bit on the loudest passages.

I also used my Kush Electra on this song for the first time- I'm still learning how to use it along with RME Totalmix. I put the tracks through my Distressor, but it was just too much. So I tried my Drawmer 1968 in mono and cranked the makeup gain to add some tube gooeyness. There's a bit of hiss at the end but still I think it sounds pretty good.

Gray Winchell. This is another of the four tunes I recorded for this guy.

This guy has immense talent, but no one has ever heard his music and he's never played live. Unbelievable!

He has a friend who has an amazing studio (API 1608, MCI 24-track deck, and tons of other stuff) who is going to record a 10-track CD for him, but Gray wants to come back to record more songs in my bathroom that are strictly guitar/voice. I'm totally up for it!

Nothing really. Art, I guess.

But a funny thing happened last Thursday that hit me. I was at the grocery store with my daughter around suppertime, and saw a cute girl that I thought was an ex-gf from about 12 years ago (it was a one-year f*ckfest). I wasn't sure though and I guess I was ogling her quite a bit. I don't think it was her but I got a good smile back.

At the grocery checkout, who is just behind my daughter and I? My last gf. Again that was a weird experience.

So later that evening I worked on this song and listened to the lyrics for the first time. It really hit me and I was close to tears.

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Just listen to them yourself. Man they're passionate!