By: MikeInOttawa
Added: 12/29/2015
Length: 3:35

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Alternative/Punk: College,Indie,Lo-Fi
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Year: 1915

Artist's description:
Performed by a guy named Will I recorded a few months ago.

Performed by Will, recorded by me for practise.

There's a main stereo guitar part, two mono guitar parts, lead and background vocal tracks, and two cahon tracks. I'd never recorded a cahon before, so while the guitar tracks were being recorded I quickly looked up how to record one on Gearslutz- an MD421 in the sound hole and an LDC four feet in front of it.

I think it sounds pretty good, except you can hear the click track at the very end. I've learned my lesson- use earbuds or IEMs under headphones if there's a click track.

The recording took something like 3 hours to do with all the mic placement and stuff. The guy is quite talented, has a nice voice, and knew exactly what he wanted to do, which is good. It's not my kind of tune, but it was good practise and the guy was nice.

1915 is the new 2015. Will 1916 be the new 2016?

2015 was another pointless year for me. Don't see 2016 being much different.

Gotta find some artistic inspiration at some point too. Nothing is registering these days.

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Jan 06 2016 7:27 am
by MikeInOttawa replying to clones

Thanks alot Chris. I don't know what gives the guitar its shimmer- probably how the parts interact? Maybe it's the nice analogue signal path? Or maybe it's just a phase issue :). BTW- you're right, it's a "cajon" and I misspelled it. We don't use a lot of Spanish words up here :)

Jan 02 2016 7:46 am
by clones

Nice recording! I like the shimmer on the guitar. What is the cahon? A Cajon?