Rise of the Phoenix

By: thecanary

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Added: 4/04/2016
Length: 6:37

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Electronica: Drum & Bass
Electronica: Trance
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Artist's description:
Completed 3/31/2016.

I tried and failed many years ago (see here: http://www.traxinspace.com/song/37682) to meld together trance and dnb. I think I did a little better this time.

It's in the key of D#m running at 174 bpm, but I sequenced it at 87. Total production time was about 12 hours spread out over 3 days, including one "noisemaking" session for the purpose of creating samples.

Incorporates 4 kick drum tracks, 3 snare/clap tracks, seventeen different cymbals, 2 percussive loops (which, in turn, were crafted from 8 and 14 different samples, respectively). There are 12 different "melodic" samples and 1 sub-bass that dumps to 2 channels. Separate bus channels were employed for 2 different kinds of reverb, 3 different kinds of echo, and another 3 channels for mono and stereo placement... so, a total of 70 channels altogether working in tandem to make this beautiful noise. Ahhh, the power of math.

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