I'll Always Be Waiting

By: MikeInOttawa
Added: 4/14/2016
Length: 2:28

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Alternative/Punk: College,Indie,Lo-Fi
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Year: 1916

souzinQ (Track #6)

Artist's description:
This is a song by a husband with erectile dysfunction, who is sitting at home while his wife is at her lover's getting laid.

The lyrics also kinda sound like something by a guy pining for a lost love and hopelessly holding on for her return.

I'm using this song in my second music video that I shot with a now retired former colleague and her partner. Hopefully it turns out well. I'll put a link on TiS when it's done.

As always, just me.

This is my first decent song in over a year, and it's been incredibly frustrating not being able to come up with anything that inspires me.

This is also my first song with me playing guitar. I've been taking lessons for seven months now, and my lack of skill really shows. I had to use a capo to get within my vocal range, and I don't think it sounds as good as open chords. Mind you, I think the chord organ sounds damned great.

I have no idea. It just popped into my head one day.

When I practise guitar, besides just doing chords, fingerpicking, and other dull stuff I like to play around and have fun, and the chord progression came to me one day.

I'd like to have done a E-minor/B-major instead of E-minor/D-major near the end to change it up a bit, but I'm not good enough to switch to a B-major within a song quite yet. It takes a lot of practice!

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Wish I was a better man
To give you what you need
You're with another
Though I pay no heed.

I wake in the...
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