Underwater Mysteries

By: VOiD

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Added: 1/03/2017
Length: 10:28

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Electronica: Ambient
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Artist's description:
"It was twenty years ago today..."

And it is.

This track was originally made in Impulse Tracker on January 3rd, 1997. For ages I've been thinking that i ought to reuse some of those old samples and do a remake, and here it is! While it may not entirely warrant the long waiting period, it's sure good to hear a more accomplished version of a track I made back way back when.

The sample(s) opening and ending the track have always been a mystery to me, evoking underwater scenery and the low hum of a bathysphere engine. Taking that as a starting point, I eventually made a slow, meandering and meditative track with the middle section repeating itself almost hypnotically. The original ran a full 14 minutes, this version a more conservative 10 - slicing a lot away from the original and adding a slightly more dynamic second half.

Incidentally, if anyone can identify where the opening sample is taken from (I appropriated the sample from an old .it file, lineage unknown), I'd be very happy to be pointed in the right direction.

Enjoy! Hopefully.

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Jan 21 2017 2:42 pm
by VOiD replying to thecanary

Wow, thanks for that! However! I must point out that this is not the .it original - it is merely a remake, using some of the same samples. Most notably the opening drone. Nevertheless, thanks for taking the time to listen and comment! :)

Jan 20 2017 9:57 pm
by thecanary

Oh man, this takes me way back. I can still remember the first time I really felt like I'd gotten the hang of impulse tracker. I miss that program sometimes- such a fast way to get out ideas! Brilliant tune for its technological constraints. 3.5 stars for honesty's sake (some samples are a tad shrill on headphones) half a star just for being IT 1 star for nostalgia's sake. That's 5 if my math is right.