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What did you do the whole day since there was no Vitamin D?

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May 26, 2009

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Posted on May 26 2009
DAMNIT! Vitamin C told me he was holding D hostage!!! I already sent out the ransom money, but now D is free!!! I've been duped!
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Posted on May 26 2009
I did other things, but I quietly considered the possibility that Vitamin D had been completely abandoned.
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Posted on May 26 2009
I checked to see if vit D had a question a few times today. And besides that - went to work, the doctor, Sam's club, a music instrument store, got my oil changed, and scanned in some documents to get my 77 year old dad into assisted care and fielded a half dozen calls concerning that as well. Why? What did you do today Saurin?
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Posted on May 26 2009
I layed on my floor, in the fetal position, and cried myself to sleep.
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Posted on May 26 2009
I cried, puked, fucked and ate a monkey
Posted on May 26 2009
by clones

Sounds like he puked the monkey before he fucked and ate it. Probably that explains the crying. But.. yeah, its disturbed.

Posted on May 26 2009
by Din

You ate a monkey after you fucked it? That's a bit disturbed.